Wazifa To Get Lost Love Back – Dua for Lost Love Back

Qurani Wazifa To Get Lost Love Back

Wazifa To Get Lost Love Back

Get My Love Back Wazifa in 3 Days

Being in love is one of the best feelings in the world, but suddenly when your lover leaves you and goes, then it leaves you shattered. It makes you lonely and broken as you don’t have the only person with you whom you have loved more than your life. Often people fail to get out of this loss. They are ready for anything to recover their love. If you have tried all means to get your lost love back, but haven’t gained any success, then seek refuge in the light of Allah (swt). Recite wazifa to get lost love back and Insha Allah, you will get your lost love back very soon.

If your lover is seeking interest in someone else and is no longer interested in you, then you should practice dua to get lost love back. The lost love dua will help you divert his/ her mind from that other person and he/she will realize their folly and come back to you. The Islamic dua to get lost love back will revive your love in your ex-lover’s heart and he will come back to you and confess his love for you once again. All you need to do is practice dua for lost love back with sheer dedication and sincerity to show your devotion to your love to Allah Talah.

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Dua To Get Lost Love Back

Islamic Dua For Love Back

If your lover has left you because they don’t see a future with you and they don’t wish to complicate things for the coming time, then you should show them faith in Allah Talah and in your relationship. You can recite wazifa to get lost love back and Insha Allah, your lover will come back to you on his/ her own. The wazifa for lost love back will change the heart of your lover and they will start believing in their relationship with you. They will see their life with you and will never think of leaving you again. You can acquire the dua to get lost love back in 3 days from our molvi sab as well.

But make sure you get dua to get lost love back only if you are serious about your love. The duas aren’t for fun purposes. And, remember to use it only for nikah purpose and no illegal motives. Surely, with the help of dua to get lost love back, your lover will acknowledge your love for him/ her and come back to you in a short time period.

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Dua For Lost Love Back

dua for lost love back is given below:

After the obligatory prayer of the night, recite Durood Shareef 3 times. Then recite “Ya Wadoodoo Ya Rau’foo Ya Raheemo” 300 times. Then recite Durood Shareef thrice in the end.

It is advisable to begin this wazifa on Thursday. The wazifa will revive your love life and re-create love in the heart of your lost lover and Insha Allah, he/ she will come back to you begging for forgiveness. However, it is important to seek permission before reciting this wazifa from our molvi sab for its complete success.


  1. What does molvi sab have to do?/why his permission is necessary?? Js he going to influence the outcome?? How sure u r this will work??

    • It’s your choice completely to believe us similar way you can believe on Allah or not. We are not forcing anybody. just we want to make sure anyone who comes to us get the best possible results through these holy Islamic procedures.

  2. Assalam Alaikum, am from Chennai, i got married in sep 2013 and after one year my husband left me on dec 2014 for his parents on that time am 6months carrying after 4 years means march 2019 again he back and ask forgiveness later he came for alternate week, then he comes only once in a month then finally he speaks in a phones only after february 2020 he stopped speaking ever to her daughter now he block my number too. now my daughter asking him… WHY MY DADDY NOT COMING TO SEE ME EVEN NOT SPEAKING TO ME nowadays kids are very smart she try to communicate through phone but not picking now completely blocked. Now i need my husband back for the sake of my daughter we need him please give some wazifa or plz do dua to Allah for me we need him

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