Wazifa for Controlling Husband – Islamic Dua For Husband

Wazifa for Controlling Husband

Wazifa for Controlling Husband

Wazifa for Controlling Husband: In case, you are newly married and you want your husband to love you and care about you, then recite Islamic dua for husband given below:

“Wa Min Ayatihi An Khala Ka Lakum Min Anfusi Kum Az wajan Li Tas Kunu Ilaiha Wa Ja Ala Bainakum Ma Wad Datan Wa Rahmatan Inna Fi Zali Ka La Ayatil Li Kaumi Yata Fakkaroon”

Recite this ayat 99 times and after completing 33 times blow it on something sweet. Like this, you need to blow thrice. Insha Allah, immense love will be created in your husband’s heart and he will be very happy and content with you. 

On the other hand, if your husband is under the control of his mother and because of it he ill-treats you and beats you, then you should practice wazifa for controlling husband. The wazifa will help you get a control over your husband and he will stop listening to his mother. He will give you importance in his life and will respect you. The wazifa for controlling husband will make your husband listen to you and understand you. Do not worry. Just recite the dua for controlling husband with firm sincerity and belief and Insha Allah, you will be bestowed with what’s best for you.

Islamic Dua For Husband

Islamic Dua For Husband

A wife doesn’t demand anything more than love, affection, and respect from her husband. But some husbands in Islam are so bad that they don’t even provide this to their wives. Under such situations, a wife is left with just two options, either to bear the wrath and anger of her husband all her life and seek divorce. Well, in both the conditions her life turns to hell. However, Allah Talah has provided women with the power to turn the heart of their husbands towards them. If you also want your husband to love you and respect you, then you should practice Islamic dua to change husband’s heart.

The Islamic dua for husband will help you change the heart of your husband. Insha Allah, your husband will turn into a loving and caring partner. He will stop all his ill-activities and become a good person. If your husband was a bad husband and he used to treat you badly and beat you and shout at you, then all his habits will change. The Islamic dua for husband will change him to a good husband and remove all the bad habits from him.

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Dua To Change Husbands Heart

Dua To Change Husband’s Heart

If your husband has been interested in another woman and he is planning to leave you for her, then you should practice dua to change husband’s heart. The dua will change his heart and he will stop showing interest in another woman. He will never think of leaving you and will become your loyal. If your husband is into bad activities like alcohol, drugs or gambling, then the dua to change husband’s heart will bring a change in his actions. He will leave these bad habits and become a good person. The dua will revive his heart and make him a good husband.

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