Things To Note Before Performing Any Islamic Prayer

Islamic Prayers are considered the best medium when you are in trouble and you want Almighty Allah To help you in them. Though, prayers like dua and wazifas are quite powerful in themselves, yet need to performed correctly to get best outcome. You have to understand the fact that Not every dua goes wain and not every dua is listened to by Allah Talah. Only prayers that are made from a pure heart are listened always.

Things To Do Before Performing or Reciting Any Islamic Dua

  • You Should Be Regular to Your Namaz Offerings
  • It would be best if you Had Enough Faith in the Almighty Allah SWT and should never lose hope. Always remember whatever happens to you happens by Allah’s wish and happens for your goodness.
  • You Should Perform Dua with a Clean Heart and Pure Intentions, Not To Take Revenge or To fulfill Any Evil Deeds.
  • While performing Islamic Dua and Wazifas always take a bath first and sit in a clean place.
  • Girls and Women should not practice these prayers at the time of menstrual cycles.
  • You should Perform a prayer then only if you know how to do it in Arabic.
  • Every Dua you will perform requires some particular Quranic verses like durood sharif, surah Yaseen, surah taha to complete first.

What To Do If Not Getting Expected Results from Wazifa and Dua Prayers?

  • If you are not getting benefited by the prayers, you should immediately consult our Islamic Scholar. You can do so by pressing the Consult Now button at the bottom of the website.
  • It will be better for you not to waste time and take genuine Islamic guidance from an expert.
  • Results of prayers like duas and wazifas might differ from person to person. The outcome depends on how much faith you have in the powers of Allah.
  • Sometimes, people face complex relationship problems. Even, They don’t get results as they try to recite duas at home on their own. It is not desirable as sometimes some relationship problems require special prayers to be done.
  • It would be best if you did not hesitate while sharing the problem with our Islamic scholar. We give assurance to keep your privacy confidential.


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