Istikhara Dua For Marriage – How To Do Dua For Istikhara For Marriage

Islamic Istikhara Dua For Marriage

Dua Istikhara for Marriage

Are you confused about your marriage? Do you have second thoughts about your marriage with your lover? Are you in dilemma and you fail to decide on your marriage? Well, if yes, then you should recite istikhara dua for marriage to make the right decision. The istikhara is guidance and help from Allah Subhana Wa’ Tala to get assistance in choosing your partner. In order to know whether the person you have chosen for marriage is the right one for you or not.

In order to win your lover as your marriage partner, you should recite dua for istikhara for marriage. It is a voluntary dua and will help you know the reality of your relationship. If you intend to marry the person you like, then it is pretty much halal in Islam. Marriage is a pretty important decision in a person’s life and you definitely don’t want to go wrong with it. Hence, you should recite dua istikhara for marriage, and Insha Allah, you will get to see the sign in your dream. Then you can proceed according to the dream you have witnessed.

Dua For Istikhara for Marriage

How To Do Istikhara For Love Marriage

With the help of dua for istikhara for  marriage, you can make the best decision related to your marriage. When you have the guidance of Allah Talah in any of your decisions, then nothing can ever go wrong. Sometimes your parents are a little conservative towards your marriage, but you should find out the procedure of how to do istikhara for marriage and then do it so that your parents get convinced that you have made the right choice. When you perform the dua for istikhara for marriage, you can be sure of your choice.

It is important that you consult our molvi sab to find out how to do istikhara for marriage and with his guidance, you will be able to do it in the right manner. The result depends on the faith and intention with which you perform it. It may be possible that you don’t get immediate results. If you don’t see anything on the first night, then you can continue it again for the next 7 nights. If you still don’t see anything, then our molvi sab will do dua for istikhara for marriage to help you out and get immediate results.

How To Do Istikhara For Marriage

How do istikhara for marriage is given below:

  • Recite two rakat nafil namaz after performing the obligatory prayer of the night.
  • Then seek forgiveness for all your sins and plead to Allah Talah to guide you in making the right decision.
  • Allah Humma Innaka Takderu Wala Akderu Wa Ta Lamu Wala Aalamu Wa Anta Allamul GUyub Fa In Ra Aita Anna Fihi Fala Nati Khairal Li Fi Deeni Wa Duniya ya Wa Akhirati Faq Durha Li Wa In Kana Gairuha Khairum Minha Li Fi Deeni Wa Akhirati Faq Dur Ha Li
  • Then take the name of your lover and mother’s name and ask for Allah talah’s help.
  • Go to sleep and soon you will see a dream related to it.

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