How To Save Marriage And Wazifa To Stop Divorce

save marriage from divorce in islam

How To Save Marriage

Marriage a bond made in heaven which doesn’t just unite two beings but their families too. So if any problem comes up, then a couple should make efforts to make things alright, rather than worsening the situation. Even if you think that things are getting way too bad, then you should practice how to save marriage. The dua will help resolve all the issues amidst you two and Insha Allah, in some days all the problems will evaporate from your marriage it will become happy and content.

If your husband is into another woman and he wants to leave you and go to that woman and divorce you, then you should practice wazifa to stop divorce in Islam. The wazifa will help you divert his mind back to you. He will give up the idea of divorcing you and leaving you for that woman and he will be happy with you. Wazifa to stop divorce in Islam is very helpful in securing those marriages where the husband is deliberate to divorce the wife and the wife doesn’t want to end the relationship. Recite the wazifa with great dedication and sincerity and Insha Allah, the results will be in your favor.

Surah For Marriage Problems

Wazifa To Stop Divorce

If your marriage is going through a tough time and most of the time there are arguments and problems between you two and your husband think that separation is the only option, then don’t give up. It is important to give your marriage a second chance. All you need to do is recite Surah for marriage problems. The surah is very strong and will help to resolve all the matters. It will heal your broken relationship and will change things for the better. Surah Baqarah for marriage problems re-unite couple and won’t let divorce happen ever.

You can find out which verses to recite from Surah for marriage problems from our molvi sb. Insha Allah, he will give his best guidance in this regard. Allah talah never likes a couple to break their marital bond. Hence, you should always try to save your marriage by reciting dua to save marriage from divorce. have patience, things will definitely get better in some time. Just have faith in Allah Talah and practice wazifa to stop divorce in Islam with utmost faith. Allah Talah definitely doesn’t give anyone pain more than he/ she can bear.

How To Save Marriage

Surah For Marriage Problems

How to save a marriage is given below:

If the wife or the husband wishes to stop the proceedings of divorce and want to give their marriage another chance, then they should recite

Has Biyal LaahuLa Ilaha Illa Huwa Alaihi Tawak Kaltu Wa Huwa Rabbul Arshil Azeem

Recite this dua after the namaz of Maghrib 111 times and pray to Allah Talah save your marriage from divorce, Insha Allah, in a few days, all the divorce proceedings will stop and your marriage will turn to a happy paradise. Things will be good in your marriage and it will never come to the verge of a breakup again.

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