Dua To Protect From Enemy – Dua For Protection Against Enemy

Dua To Protect From Enemy

Each one of us has the presence of someone in their life who hates them to the core. If you also have such a person in your life who doesn’t think good of you, then you should take steps. One of the best ways to seek refuge from your enemy is to recite strong dua to protect from enemy. The dua will prevent you from getting attacked by your enemy in any way. It will keep you safe and secure from your enemy and never let him cause any harm to you.

If you wish to keep yourself away from the malicious attacks and bad thoughts of your enemy, then strong dua for enemy protection is the best solution for you. The dua for protection against enemy will help you seek refuge in Allah and no strength in this world would ever be able to do anything bad to you. So, just practice dua to protect from your enemy and Insha Allah, you will never get any threats, issues, and problems from his side. If you think that your enemy is trying to harm you in business or personal front, then also the dua for enemy protection will prove to be of great help to you.

Dua For Victory Against Enemy

If you want to be victorious against your enemy or want to make him lose in everything he stands against you, then you should make dua for victory against the enemy. The dua will make you win every battle you fight with him. It will keep you in the refuge of Allah Talah and hence nothing could ever beat you. The dua is all-powerful and possesses the power to defeat your enemy in every attempt he takes to hurt you. 

Dua For Protection Against Enemy

The strong dua to protect from enemy is given below as:

Recite Two RAKAT Nafil namaz and then recite this dua given below 100 times.

Ya Hayyu Ya Qayyum Ya hayya Ilaha Illah Anta Bi Rahmatika Astageeso Fasalli Ala Muhammadin Wa Ali Muhaamadin Wa Ageesnis Sa Aatas Sa Aata

As Aluka Allah Humma An Tusalli Ala Muhammadin Wa Ali Muhammadin Wa An Tal Tufa Li Wa An Tagliba  Li Wa An Tam Kura Li Wa An Takh Da’aa Li Wa An Ta Yida Li Wa An Ka Fiyani Ma Oo Natan Fala Bin Fala

Dua For Protection Against Your Enemy

Where it is written Fala Bin Fala says the name of your enemy and his father’s name. Then make dua to Allah Talah and seek refuge. Ask for His mercy and soon you will be bestowed with all you need. If you don’t understand anything in the above-mentioned dua, then feel free to come to our molvi sb and get answers to all your queries. Insha Allah, with his guidance soon you will be out of this problem. 

Recite dua for protection against enemy and your enemy will never have a chance to win against you. The dua will keep you protected and a step ahead of your enemy and he will never be able to beat you in anything he is against you.

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