Dua For Protection Of Family and Home Against Evil Spirit

Dua For Protection Against Evil Spirit

Dua For Protection of Family

Dua For Protection of Family Against Enemy

Any sane and family loving man would like to secure his family from all his enemies and dark soul. If you think that you or your family are going to face problems from your enemy, then your first step should be to seek protection against him. Apart from performing worldly remedies, you should do spiritual practices too. You should recite dua for protection of family against enemy and Insha Allah, the enemy will not be able to harm even your hair. He will fail in all his attempts to harm you and his family.

Sometimes you may feel unsafe and you may feel that something has cast an evil eye on you or on your new-born child. It affects the growth and health of your baby. Your baby may start getting annoyed very easily or may get feeble and week. If you think that some evil spirit or evil eye is troubling your baby, then you should practice dua for protection against evil spirit and Insha Allah, very soon your child will get free from the influence of the evil spirits.

Dua For Protection of Home

Dua For Protection of House From Evil Spirits

Sometimes your enemy may get jealous of your success and they may cast black magic on you and your family. If you think that your enemy is really troubling you and is not letting you progress and live happily, then you should practice dua for the protection of family against the enemy. The dua will help you wipe out all the obstructions being caused in your work, family, and life because of black magic or evil eye and make things simpler for you. The dua for protection of home will keep your home secure from all the bad things of the world and make your home a better place to live in

There are good and bad energies in the world. When on one side you have fairies and angels on the other side you have black magic and evil spirits. Thus, it is very important for mankind to stay away from evil spirits and unseen enemies. The dua for protection of home doesn’t just protect you from visible enemies but also from invisible enemies. It will help you safeguard your family from all the negative energies and live your life peacefully. You can get the dua for protection of home from our molvi sab. He will happily provide you the best remedy, depending on your problem.

Dua for Protection Against Evil Spirits

Dua for family protection against evil spirits is given as below:

Recite the dua for protection of family against evil spirits in the morning and in the evening and nothing shall affect you and your family.

Bismillah Hil Ladhi La Yadhurru Ma’ Aas Mihi Shai Un Fil Ardhi Wala Fis Samayi Wa Huwas Sami’ ul Aleem

Make sure you recite the dua 7 times and blow on you and your home before leaving the home and in the evening 7 times and blow on you and your home. Insha Allah, nothing shall ever be able to harm you or anyone living inside the home.

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