Dua for Protection From Enemies and Victory Over Enemy

Dua for Protection From Enemies

Dua For Victory Over EnemyEveryone is negative in someone’s life. No matter how good your ideologies are, still someone will hate you for them. And, surely would try to do wrong to you in plethora of ways. If you think that someone is after your life, work or personal stuff, then it is important that you seek refuge in the light of Allah Talah for nothing can harm you unless Allah wills. When you recite the dua for protection from enemies, it doesn’t let any of enemy’s bad attempts to affect you. 

If you have a business rivalry with someone and he is always seeking out ways to compete with you and emerge victorious, then you should recite dua for victory over enemy. The dua will help you in emerging victorious and never let your enemy defeat you in any field. It will make your enemy lose in front of you. The dua for victory over enemy will make your enemy not stand in front of you in anything he has competed with you. So, it will always keep you ahead of him.

Dua For Victory Over Enemy

If you are really worried that your enemy can harm you or your family, then you should recite wazifa to destroy enemy immediately. The wazifa will bring all the bad things to your enemy and he will not be able to harm or hurt you or your family members in anyway. The wazifa to destroy enemy immediately will punish your enemy. And, the best part is that the punishment will come to him directly from Allah Subhana Wa Tala. Yes, the Almighty will do justice and will take your revenge from your enemy. So, without any second thought just perform wazifa and dua for protection from enemies and leave everything on Allah Talah.

If you don’t know how to survive your enemy’s attacks, then you should just ask for mercy from the Almighty. And what better way you have is to ask mercy other than reciting dua for victory over enemy. Insha Allah, you will be bestowed with all you desire with halal intentions. It is important to get the wazifa to destroy enemy immediately from our molvi sb. He will guide you the necessary steps so that you don’t make any mistake. Follow his guidelines and soon you will get positive results for you.

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Wazifa To Destroy Enemy

Dua for protection from enemies is given below

Wazifa To Destroy EnemySubhanal Laahee wa Ta’ala Amma Yushrikoon Wa Rabboka Ya Lamu Ma Tukinnu Sudurahum Wama Yu’Linoon Wa Huwal Laaho La Ilaha Illa Huwa Lahul Hamdo Fil Oola Wal Akhirati Walahul Hukmu Wa Ilaihi Tur Ja’oon

Recite this ayat 7 times after every namaz of the day and then pray to Allah Talah for your protection as well as protection of your loved ones from all your enemies.

Insha Allah, you will always be safe and secure from their malicious deeds and nothing will ever be able to harm you. If you have life threats from your enemy, then you should immediately contact our molvi sb. for it.

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