Dua For Loved Ones – Dua For Love Marriage in Islam

Dua For Loved Ones

Dua For Love Marriage

Our loved ones are the center of our lives and around whom our life revolves. If you wish to read a dua for them, for their love or their health than the dua for loved ones will be the best choice for you. Many people read it to show their gratitude towards their family and by praying for their happiness. As praying for someone is the purest form of affection and the way to show that we care for them.

If you wish to make someone feel better instantly to solve the grudges between you two then the dua for loved ones will be immensely beneficial. It is potent in removing misunderstandings between the people and replacing them with forgiveness and understanding. If you want to narrow down the distances between you and the people you love, then there is no better way to resolve it except reading the dua for loved ones.

Dua For Love Marriage in Islam

Love can happen with anyone and anytime and it doesn’t look for the differences in the caste and culture. If you are planning to spend your life with the one your heart desires then you should be ready to face some objections as well. There are still some families who do not accept the love marriage that easily. If you are in the same situation and worried about your marriage then the dua for love marriage in Islam should be read. This is the best dua for loved ones to make them agree for your nikah and to get your relationship accepted by them.

To resolve the issues within your married life and to get permission from your parents for the nikah you can try the Islamic dua for marriage. It is the best way to convince your parents for love marriage without hurting them.

islam dua for marriage

Islamic Dua For Marriage

If your family is conservative and there has been no love marriage in the past in your family then you should be prepared for the objections that will come your way. But to give you strength and reduce the impact of such things on your relationship the dua for loved ones will be fruitful. It will ensure that these issues do not bring differences among the family members and you.

  1. Make fresh wuzu and sit on the prayer mat.
  2. Read Durood E Sharif twice.
  3. After this read Surah Maryam 7 times and pray to Allah for your love marriage and your loved ones approval. If you are afraid that they might get hurt from your decision to marry one of your choices then this dua for loved ones will be helpful.

Follow this ritual for 15 days with faith and Inshallah you will start getting the results very soon. Your nikah will be fixed without any trouble and there will be no issues between you and your family as well.

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