Dua For Early Marriage – Dua For Marriage Couple

Dua For Marriage Couple

Every parent wants their daughters to get settled early. They want to fulfill this Islamic duty as soon as possible. If you have a daughter to marry and you want her to get married soon, then you should make dua for early marriage. The dua will help you in getting feasible and compatible marriage proposals for her. Insha Allah, by the grace of Allah Talah, soon she will get married. The dua can even be recited for boys or for anyone elderly looking forward to getting married. Remember, the Almighty has written someone for you, all you need to do is wait for that person to enter your life. Insha Allah, you will find your better half soon!

Every marital couple would want their relationship to be healthy and prosperous. They would like their marriage to grow with every passing day. They would never want any discrepancies or issues to come in between them. However, in order to avoid such issues from cropping up, you should always recite dua for marriage couple. The dua will help you in making a great Islamic start of your relationship. It will keep your relationship in the refuge of Allah Subhana Wa’ Tala and protect it from the malicious attempts of satan.

Dua For Early Marriage

As soon as your nikah is done, you are ready to make a new start with your partner. Just the word “kubool hai” brings a big change in your life. Soon after your nikah, it is your marriage night. You may always want your wedding night to be perfect and memorable. You may always want it to be blissful. If you wish to make a new and Islamic start with your partner, then it is very important that you recite dua for marriage night. The dua is very auspicious and powerful and it will wipe out all the intervention of satan and jinn from your life.    

You can get the procedure of this dua from our molvi sahib. Feel free to discuss the kind of prayer you are looking for and Insha Allah, he will guide you with the same. No matter whether you want dua for before marriage or for after marriage, you can ask for any of it. Always practice the duas and wazifas as they are for your own good and will definitely help you in the worst of situations. They will protect you and your relationship and will never let any bad things come to you or your partner.

Dua For Marriage Night

Dua for marriage night is given below as :

Allah Humma Inni As Aluka Khairaha Wa Khaira Ma Jabal Taha Alaihi Wa Auzubika Min Sharriha Wa Sharri Ma Jabal Taha Alaihi

Either the bride or the groom anyone can perform this dua before they meet their partners. Insha Allah, it will prevent any seen and unseen problems from coming on their wedding night.

Before marital intimacy, you should perform this below-given dua for marriage night.

Bismillahi Allah Humma Jaanib Nash Shaytana Wa Jannibish Shaytana Ma Razaqtana

It will bless you both and keep evil away from you.

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