Amal For Love Marriage – Dua For Parents Approval For Marriage

Amal For Love Marriage

Amal For Love Marriage

Every boy and girl in today’s time prefers to choose their own partner. So, the time for parents to choose the boy and girl has long gone. However, a lot of parents to date fail to accept this fact and do not get convinced with the idea of love marriage to date. But, if you wish to convince your parents and marry someone you love, then you should perform amal for love marriage. The amal will help you convince your parents to allow you to get married to the person you like.

When you are in love, all you think about is your marriage with that someone special. No matter whether your parents give their consent or not, you just think about them as your life partner. However, Allah Talah has made it obligatory for the kids to seek consent from their parents. So, as a child, you should convince your parents and recite amal for love marriage. The wazifa will change the perspective of your parents towards your choice and they will wholeheartedly be ready for you. The wazifa to convince parents for love marriage has the power to change the thinking of your parents and they will accept your lover as their son-in-law or daughter-in-law.

Dua For Parents Approval For Marriage

Dua For Parents Approval For Marriage

The dua is very powerful and will clear out all the problems from your marriage and make it happen without any problem. You can also get Dua for love marriage from our molvi sb. Sometimes it gets very difficult for the girl to perform amal for love marriage as she is constantly under the supervision of her parents. So, you can use taweez for love marriage and keep it below the bed of your parents. Insha Allah, the taweez will convince your parents and make them agree with your choice. 

If your parents have become ready for your marriage with your lover, but unforeseen situations seems to arise and your marriage date with your lover doesn’t seem to get finalize or if your marriage with your lover is facing a lot of troubles, then practice the amal to marry someone of your choice. The amal will help in wiping out all the problems from your marriage and very soon your marriage date will be fixed and your marriage will take place without any problem. You can acquire dua for parents approval for marriage from our Molvi sb.

Amal for love marriage is given below:

Recite the dua mentioned below 1200 times for 12 days or maximum for 36 days by including Durood Shareef 11 times in the beginning and in the end.

“Ya Badi’ul Ajaa Ibu Bil Khairi Ya Badi’u”

Then pray to Allah Talah to convince your parents for your marriage with your lover and blow it on some sweet dish and give it to your lover and parents to eat. Insha Allah, very soon everyone will be ready for the marriage. As the amal is very critical and important, you should seek advice from our Molvi sab. before you perform it.

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